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Disposable latex Examination gloves
Price(价格): 0.11EUR Brand(品牌): ZS
Spec(规格): S,M,L,XL Model: PVC
certification: SGS


[product name] medical examination gloves (Disposable latex Examination gloves)

[model and specification] it can be divided into Nitrile, rubber, latex, PVC, PE and TPE according to different materials used;

It can be divided into XS, s, m, l and XL according to the size;

According to the different surface forms, it can be divided into smooth surface and pitted surface, with and without powder.

[product description] it is usually made of polyethylene, rubber and other materials. It has enough strength and barrier performance. Non sterile, disposable.

[intended use] it is used to check or touch the patient's condition on the doctor's hand.

[usage] before wearing gloves, remove all hand ornaments and trim the nails smoothly. According to the general surgical disinfection standard, the hand should be cleaned, disinfected and dried, and gloves suitable for personal hand type should be worn.

[precautions] 1. When wearing gloves, do not wear rings or other accessories, and trim the nails smoothly.

2. No matter left or right hand, please choose gloves suitable for your hand type.

3. Please do not use if the gloves are contaminated due to package damage.

4. This product is for single use only. Please destroy it after use.

5. It is strictly forbidden to contact metal and chemical drugs harmful to rubber, such as oil, acid, alkali, copper and manganese;

6. It should be used with caution if there is a history of allergy to polyethylene products.

7. Too high temperature can cause great damage to plastic gloves.

[record No.] lhxb No. 20200171

[product technical requirements No.] lhxb No. 20200171

[production record certificate No.] lhejjxb No. 20160003

[manufacturer] Shandong Zhushi Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd

[registered address] Fanlou Road South, Shanxian Development Zone

[production address] No.6, Shande Road, Shanxian economic and Technological Development Zone, Shandong Province

[contact information] 13256133668

[after sales service agency] Shandong Zhushi Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd

[date of manufacture] see sheet packing

[service life] 2 years

[storage conditions] keep in dark, sealed and dry place

[preparation date] May 26, 2020

Disposable Vinyl Examination gloves


Shandong Zhushi Pharmaceutical Group is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise group integrating medical devices, cosmetics,health food, biological reagent new drug R & D, production and sales, polymer material research and development, real estate development, logistics distribution, packaging and printing, and enterprise training. The group was established in December 2003, with a total registered capital of 150 million yuan. It has more than 2000 employees and an annual output value of nearly 500 million yuan.

The group has 12 subsidiaries, involving dozens of fields such as medicine, medical equipment, cosmetics, health food, printing, real estate, enterprise consulting management training, etc. The company adheres to the road of scientific and technological innovation and relies on the high-tech products of intellectual property rights established by us to ensure the sustainable development of the company. The company attaches great importance to the market-oriented and has the research and development ability of cutting-edge technology. The company has scientific research institutions and personnel engaged in innovative research and development.

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