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face shield,Medical isolation mask
Price(价格): 0.4EUR Brand(品牌): ZHUSHI
Model: PET防雾片 certification: SGS

face shield

ANSI Z87.1 、EN166、EN167、EN168

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The medical isolation mask can prevent virus, because the medical isolation mask has the function of anti splash and anti aerosol. NCV is mainly transmitted by aerosol and respiratory droplets. The isolation mask can prevent droplets and aerosols from entering our respiratory tract through the nose, because the mask has protective functions, but it is difficult for ordinary people to obtain isolation masks generally. Therefore, wearing a mask is basically enough to cope with virus infection, and it is not necessary to buy medical isolation masks.

We have the face shield in stock with high production capacity. It has complete qualification and is registered by FDA. It conforms to American Standard ANSI Z87.1, European standard en166, en167 and en168. The order hotline is +86 13256133668