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Product Detail
Infrared thermometer,Non contact infrared thermometer,forehead thermometer
Price(价格): 6EUR Brand(品牌): ZHUSHI
Model: ZST-B certification: CNAS

Product Registration No.:LUXIEZHUZHUN 20202070012


Product technical requirement No.: LUXIEZHUZHUN 20202070012

Date of preparation: January 2020

Service life: five years


Product introduction

This product is a professional non-contact remote forehead temperature gun for measuring human body temperature. It is widely used in schools, customs, hospitals and families. Easy to use, with mode selection, LCD display, buzzer prompt, memory reading, backlight reminder, temperature offset setting, alarm threshold setting, automatic shutdown and other functions.

[product model] zst-a

[structure composition] it is composed of shell, circuit board, infrared sensor, display screen and dry battery.

[main performance]

Temperature test range: forehead temperature gun body mode temperature measurement range is 32.0 ℃ ~ 42.9 ℃.

Maximum allowable error: the maximum allowable error is ± 0.3 ℃ in the temperature display range of 32.0 ℃ to 34.9 ℃.

The maximum allowable error of forehead temperature gun is ± 0.2 ℃ in the temperature display range of 35.0 ℃ to 36.9 ℃.

When the temperature of forehead temperature gun is 37 ℃, the maximum allowable error is ± 0.2 ℃.

The maximum allowable error of forehead temperature gun is ± 0.2 ℃ in the temperature display range of 37.1 ℃ to 41.9 ℃.

The maximum allowable error of forehead temperature gun is ± 0.3 ℃ in the temperature display range of 42.0 ℃ ~ 42.9 ℃.

Repeatability: repeatability error s ≤ 0.2 ℃.

Temperature measurement time: about 1 second

Measurement distance: 1 ~ 5cm

Power supply: 2 No.5 alkaline batteries (3.0V)

[use environment]

a) Ambient temperature range: 16 ℃~ 35 ℃

b) Relative humidity range: ≤ 85%

c) Atmospheric pressure range: 70kpa ~ 106kpa

d) Internal DC power supply DC 3V.

[software release version number] v1.0

People who need to take their temperature

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2、 Basic working principle

Understanding the principle of infrared temperature measurement can help you to use the product correctly and make the test data more accurate.

All objects radiate energy to their surroundings.

The temperature of the object is directly proportional to the intensity of radiation energy, that is, the higher the temperature, the greater the radiation energy.

The energy radiated by human body is mainly infrared radiation, so the body temperature can be calculated by measuring the intensity of infrared energy radiated by human body to the surrounding.

The non-contact forehead temperature gun can accurately measure the human body temperature by accurately measuring the weak infrared radiation energy released by the human body. The product has built-in infrared detector and related hardware, software composition, can receive, analyze and record the measured object and ambient temperature. Therefore, once the user approaches the product to a specific part of the human body (forehead) and presses the measurement key, the infrared sensor can be activated immediately, and the heat generated by the arterial blood flow can be detected quickly by the passive infrared sensor, so as to accurately measure the body temperature of the human body.

The reference values of normal body temperature provided by the World Health Organization (who) are as follows:

Forehead temperature


Cochlear temperature


Axillary temperature


Oral temperature


Anal temperature


The normal range of human body temperature varies from person to person, and the temperature measured in different parts and at different time of the same person is also different. Most people's forehead temperature is higher than oral temperature, axillary temperature, but there are also forehead temperature lower than axillary temperature. In order to correctly judge the state of fever, please know the body temperature of family members under normal condition.

matters needing attention



1. It is very dangerous for patients to judge and treat themselves only by measuring results, so please follow the doctor's instructions. Self judgment may lead to deterioration.

2. Do not touch or blow the infrared sensor with your hands or mouth, or let the sensor face the steam. If the infrared sensor is damaged or dirty, it may lead to abnormal measurement results.

3. If there is any temperature difference between the storage place and the measuring field, please place it at room temperature (measuring place) for about 30 minutes before measuring. It may lead to abnormal measurement results.

4. Please keep this machine out of the reach of children. If the electromagnetic or battery cover is accidentally eaten, please contact your doctor immediately.

5. When measuring the body temperature, please keep away from the cold, heating or air outlet. So as not to affect the accuracy of measurement.

6. When the infrared sensor is dirty, please gently wipe it with cotton ball or soft dry cloth dipped in 95% absolute alcohol.

If you wipe with toilet paper or tissue, the infrared sensor will be scratched, resulting in incorrect measurement results.

7. Mechanical damage such as heavy fall or collision should be avoided. It is possible that the measurement is inaccurate.

be careful:

The distance between forehead temperature gun and forehead must be less than 5cm. So as not to affect the accuracy of measurement.

Do not drink, eat or exercise before or during measurement, and avoid measuring when sweating. It is likely to affect the accuracy of measurement.

Do not discard the battery in the dangerous area or discard it at will. The battery may break; pollute the environment.

This product has self-test function.

Cosmetics and skin color, due to different infrared radiation rate, will affect the actual temperature accuracy.

If the person with black skin needs to adjust the temperature compensation value manually before measurement.

It should not be exposed to water or sunlight.

When measuring human frontal temperature, the product must be operated in human body mode (see point 10 of operation procedures).


When you tell your doctor your temperature, please state that you have taken it with a forehead temperature gun.

Please do not force collision, fall, trample and shake the product.

Do not disassemble, repair or modify